4 Tips For New Contact Lens Wearers

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4 Tips For New Contact Lens Wearers

5 May 2016
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Eyeglasses are very effective at correcting vision, but some people don't think they look good in glasses or they want another option besides wearing frames all of the time. Contact lenses are a great solution for most people, but their can be a slight learning curve for new wearers. If you're about to get your first pair of contact lenses, use the following tips: 

Always Wash Your Hands Before Inserting Contacts

It is essential to have clean hands before inserting your contacts in order to avoid dirtying your contacts and irritating your eyes and to prevent introducing infection causing germs to the eye area. It is best to wash your hands with a gentle, scent-free soap prior to putting your contacts in. Avoid applying lotion or using soaps with moisturizers on your hands before inserting contacts, as these can leave a film on your contact lenses and also cause a burning sensation in your eyes.

Create a Routine to Prevent Mixing Up Your Contacts

Most people need contact lenses with different prescription strengths for each eye, so it is a good idea to create a routine that will help prevent you from mixing up your contacts. It is often recommended that you get used to always inserting a contact lens into the same eye each morning, which can reduce the possibility of inserting the wrong lens. Use the same routine in the evening when removing your contacts so the proper contact is always where it belongs in the storage case.

Do Not Sleep with Your Contacts In

While there are a few brands on contacts that are designed to be worn for an extended amount of time, most types of contacts need to be removed before going to bed. If your contacts are only designed for daily wear, do not sleep with them in. Doing so can cause extreme eye dryness, severe eye irritation, scratches to the surface of your eye, and even dangerous eye infections. 

Clean and Disinfect Regularly

To keep your eyes healthy, it is important that you keep your contacts and their storage case as clean as possible. Avoid using old contact solution when you remove your contacts for the day-- fresh solution should always be added to the storage case to help prevent contamination. When disinfecting your contacts, gently rub the disinfecting solution over the lenses with clean fingers to help remove any buildup that may be on them.

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