Three Reasons To Think About Having An Eye Exam If You Do Not Have Glasses

Have you noticed that functioning in general is harder? Learn why visiting an optometrist may help you find the source of the problem.

Three Reasons To Think About Having An Eye Exam If You Do Not Have Glasses

13 January 2016
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You may have walked by numerous optometrists' offices without entering them if you have never worn glasses before. You may be vaguely aware that eye exams are a good idea, but do not make time for them in your busy schedule because you think there is no reason to do so. However, it could be a good idea for you to have an eye exam on a regular basis. Here are some reasons why.

You Might Need Corrective Lenses

As an adult, you may think it's normal that you can't see as well as you once did. It may not occur to you that your vision could benefit from corrective lenses, but a comprehensive eye exam can help you find out whether your vision could be better than it is today. 

You might not realize this, but you might even be having symptoms and signs that could indicate that you now need a pair of eyeglasses. For instance, your eyes might feel tired after using the computer, or you may have headaches regularly. An eye exam may reveal that you could benefit from corrective lenses.

You Might Have Minor Eye Conditions

An eye exam could also help you get to the root of minor eye conditions you might have. For example, if you notice that your eyes feel dry all the time, an eye exam could show that you have plugged tear ducts. A good optometrist can also help you determine whether you are taking certain prescription medications that are causing whatever issue you are having with your eyes.

You Might Need to Monitor the Effect of Chronic Health Issues in Your Body

There are a number of diseases and health conditions that do not originate in the eye but can affect the eye. For instance, diabetics may suffer from macular degeneration or neuropathy as a result of too much sugar (glucose) in their blood vessels. If you have a chronic disease, it is wise to check up on your eyes to make sure they are healthy.

In fact, even if you don't know that you have certain diseases, an eye exam can be the way you find out. You might be ignoring blurry vision if it's not an everyday occurrence, but with an eye exam your optometrist might discover retinal damage that is in line with high blood pressure. In such a case, one simple eye exam could help you prevent a stroke or other serious health problems because your optometrist would likely refer you to a physician.

Hopefully this article has helped encourage you to have an eye exam regularly with a trained optometrist. Take care of your eyes just as you take care of the rest of your body. Visit a site like for more information on eye exams.