About Lasik Eye Surgery: What To Expect

Have you noticed that functioning in general is harder? Learn why visiting an optometrist may help you find the source of the problem.

About Lasik Eye Surgery: What To Expect

12 January 2016
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Prescription glasses are great because they will correct your vision immediately when you put them on, they are maintenance-free and they are non-invasive. However, they can also be frustrating because they are hard to wear in certain conditions, such as when they get spotted in the rain and fog up in cold weather; they can also make it hard to wear protective head gear if you pay contact sports. No matter what the case may be, if you like the idea of getting out of your glasses, then Lasik eye surgery may be a good option and you can learn more about it here.

How is Lasik eye surgery done?

Lasik eye surgery may sound scary. No one likes the idea of having surgery done, especially when it involves the eyes. However, the procedure is actually fairly simple to get through and doesn't cause near as much pain as one may think.

Eye drops will be put in your eyes before the procedure and they will cause your eyes to become numb. Then, a device will be used to hold your eye lids open so you won't be able to blink during the procedure. A surgical tool will then be used to create a flap in the cornea of your eye. The flap will be brought back to expose the cornea underneath and a laser will be used to reshape it to exact specifications, depending on what is needed to correct your vision.

What to expect after the procedure

The eye drops will wear off shortly after the procedure has been completed. You may be sent home with a prescription for pain medication if there is a chance you may need it. However, most people find that they can get by with over-the-counter pain reliever instead.

You will need someone with you to drive you home. They will also need to bring you back in the following day for a post-op appointment. You will be told at that time when you can drive, but in most cases you can expect to be driving the day after your post-op appointment.

Some people experience a faster recovery than others and will see their results sooner. However, you should expect to be able to go back to your normal routine within a couple days of having the procedure done. The majority of patients will experience corrected vision within a couple of days. Your vision may be a little blurry around the edges for a bit longer, but you still should be able to see well enough to function and drive.

Lasik eye surgery is a great way for you to correct your vision permanently, so you no longer have a need for any type of corrected lenses. Contact an optometrist like Charles Richards A OD for more information.